Small Santa Surprise Box

Small Santa Surprise Box

₹ 99


Introducing the SmallSanta Surprise Box ??the perfect blend of fun, education, and holiday cheer, designed especially for kids who want to embark on an exciting journey to become truly good kids! Priced at just 99rs, this festive surprise box promises to be a delightful experience for children, filled with joy, surprises, and valuable life lessons.

What's Inside:

Enchanting Task Cards: Each SmallSanta Surprise Box contains a set of enchanting task cards that are sure to captivate your child's imagination. These tasks are not just any ordinary challenges; they're special missions crafted to instill values, kindness, and good behavior. From spreading smiles to helping others, each task is a stepping stone toward becoming a better, kinder individual.
Key Features:

Affordable: Priced at just 99rs, the SmallSanta Surprise Box offers an affordable and engaging way to celebrate the holiday season with your child.

Educational: Beyond the excitement of unwrapping surprises, the SmallSanta Surprise Box is designed to impart valuable life lessons, making it an enriching experience for young minds.
Make this holiday season extra special for your child with the SmallSanta Surprise Box. Not only will it bring smiles and laughter, but it will also lay the foundation for a lifetime of kindness and positive values. Order now and watch as your child embraces the spirit of giving, spreading joy and warmth in the true spirit of the season. Let the magic of SmallSanta create memories that will last a lifetime!