Lavith Hen Multi Rocker


Hen Multi Rocker

₹ 2,250

Size: 84x30x46cm
Size :2.7ft x 1ft x 1.5ft 

Adorable Hen Design: Our Hen Multi Rocker showcases a delightful hen-themed design with soft feathers, a beak, and a tail. Its charming appearance sparks imagination and invites children to embark on farmyard-themed adventures.

Multi-Rocking Options: The Hen Multi Rocker features multiple rocking options, allowing children to rock solo or with friends. The versatile design encourages creativity, exploration, and cooperative play.

Comfortable Seats: Each seat is equipped with a plush and cushioned surface that provides optimal comfort for children as they rock. The seats are upholstered in durable and easy-to-clean fabric, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

Sturdy Construction: Built with high-quality materials, our Hen Multi Rocker is designed to withstand regular use and provide a safe and durable rocking experience for children.

Safe Rocking Motion: The Hen Multi Rocker offers a smooth and gentle rocking motion that is safe and enjoyable for children. The rocker's design includes rounded edges and a stable base to ensure a secure rocking experience.

Easy Assembly: The Hen Multi Rocker comes with clear and detailed instructions, along with all necessary hardware for quick and hassle-free assembly. No special tools required!